Are you one of Lisa Kleypas' biggest fans?

   If you count the days ‘til Lisa's next new book release and tell everyone
   you know about her books, then you just might have what
   it takes to join our elite team of super-fans and
   be named one of —

As Lisa prepares for Rainshadow Road's
February publication, the first book in the Friday Harbor series,
she knows that nothing in the book business is more valuable
than good buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations from friends.

Lisa's Divas are Fans With Benefits!
To show her appreciation for your efforts, Lisa will give the Divas exclusive info and cool swag, like:

  • Exclusive sneak previews into Rainshadow Road
  • Glitzy welcome packet fit for a queen with custom-designed, rhinestone-studded tank top, sunglasses & a note from Lisa
  • 5 copies of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor for friends & family
  • A chance to win other valuable prizes such as bookseller gift certificates, e-reading devices, and Swarovski crystal butterflies
  • Inside information and updates from Lisa

HOW TO JOIN - To be considered, you must complete this first mission:

Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas
  1. Share this link online so your friends can read an excerpt from Rainshadow Road:  How? It's simple. Post it to Facebook, on Twitter, on a blog or website, or in an e-mail to a group of your friends letting them know the book is coming in February and they can get a sneak peek here.
  2. To ensure that we stay within FTC guidelines, you must include this wording at the end of your message (except for Twitter): "I am one of "Lisa's Divas" - a group of select fans who share info & content related to Lisa's novels and get sneak peeks & swag in return."
  3. If sharing via Twitter, you must include this hashtag in your post: #LisasDivasSpon. (This takes the place of the wording in #2 above.)
  4. Once you have completed this mission, click this link to send us your information.

Act fast! We can only accept the first 1,000 Divas who complete this first mission

See additional important details below.

Lisa's Divas border

* Please note that due to budget limitations, we can accept US residents only.

The 1,000-member Lisa's Divas team will be notified by e-mail and be sent an invitation to join the exclusive online community where all Divas can interact with one another. The final crew of Divas will be mailed a welcome pack. More communications from Divas HQ will follow with information about additional missions, rewards, and other goodies.

We're looking forward to working with you. Go, Divas!